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Why It’s Best to Hire a Professional Deck Installer

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Sussex County Deck Installer

A professional Sussex County deck installer should begin designing your deck in winter so that installation can go smoothly as soon as spring has sprung.  Decks are used for outdoor recreational purposes, such as entertaining, grilling, sunbathing, and relaxing with a good book. They can have additions, such as fire pits or hot tubs, and may include built-in furnishings, such as benches and tables.  A professional deck installer will save you money and time. A professional installer will have the right tools to build a safe deck that can be enjoyed for a long time.  Permits need to be obtained at the right phases of the build, plans submitted to the city, and safety codes must be followed.  A professional is more proficient and efficient at building a deck than a weekend warrior.

Sussex County Deck Installer | Reasons to Go With a Pro


A deck is a load bearing structure that must support its own weight and the weight of its occupants.  A professional deck installer in Sussex County, NJ will be able to calculate the load needed for long lasting, safe, and secure construction.  Accounting for winter snows and spring rains, the deck needs to have proper drainage plan to prevent pooling and eventual wood rot.  Sound engineering is needed to design and implement a durable outdoor structure like a deck.

Codes and Regulations

Permissions and permits need to be obtained from the city or county before starting construction. A professional deck installer will be able to navigate this process and submit all the paperwork required.  Additionally, building codes need to be followed or the deck will have to be removed at the home’s resale.


Relevant experience in any professional work ensures quality in a specific job. Timely completion is directly correlated with experience.  The difficulty with decks is that various terrains will determine designs, shapes, sizes, levels, and materials to get the best results. Knowledge of these variables saves time and money for the consumer.


Materials used in deck construction must meet or exceed building code requirements.  For example, knotty pine will warp faster than cedar or oak.  Knots in the wood allow water intrusion and decay. Longer lasting and higher quality materials save money by resisting decay and collapse.  If the landscape is not level, then support beams and anchors need to be installed with precise measurements.  Incorrectly supported decks will heave in the winter cold and sink with the spring rains which will cause fractures and damage to the structure.  Additionally, modern homes are angular in shape, so the deck needs to bend around these angles to appear congruent with the design.

When to Book

Professional deck installers should begin designing your deck in winter so that installation can go smoothly as soon as spring has sprung.

Looking for a Professional Deck Installer in the Sussex County, New Jersey Area?

If you’re looking for a great deck installer in the Sussex County area, check out Alfieri Renovations Remodeling + Design! Since 1992, we have been offering remodeling and design services for all parts of a home, interior and exterior. We manage everything from start to finish. Our high-quality home renovation and remodeling services will not only improve your deck or home interior, but also increase the value of your property (exterior painting, however, is not one of our services). For years, we have remained among Sussex County NJ & Orange County NY’s Most Preferred Licensed and Insured Home Contractors! Service towns in the Sussex County, NJ and Orange County, NY area include Hamburg, Goshen, Warwick, New Milford, Sussex, Andover, Augusta, Newton, Sparta, Layton, Montague, Frankford, Middleville, Vernon Township, Ogdensburg, Sparta and many more! Call Us at (973) 862-1640 to bring your dream home to life at reasonable prices!

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