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Sussex County Home Renovations Contractor

Find The Right Type of Contractor:

The type of contractor you need for your project is dependent upon the work you want done. If you are planning a small, specific project, such as cabinetry it would be advised to find a contractor who specializes in that type of work. If it is a medium sized project and you do not need any structural changes to your home, you would most likely need a general contractor. For a big project you will likely need an architect or a licensed structural engineer, who can approve structural changes or a designer who specializes in what contractors and architects do.

Home Renovations Contractor in Sussex County NJAfter determining the type of contractor you need for your home improvement project, you will need to do some research in finding the right one. Ask friends, family and co-workers for recommendations on home renovations contractors in Sussex County that they have used. Also, asking local suppliers and local real estate agents is a good way to find leads, as contractors work with both of these professionals. Searching for local contractors on the internet is another good way to find one. If you are using the internet to find a contractor, make sure, they have up to date websites, reviews and ratings. Check to see if they are in any scam or rip-off websites by typing in their names in a search engine.

Call Around:

Before choosing a home renovations contractor in Sussex County, NJ, it would be advisable to do some research. There is no exact number of how many contractors you should call, but you should have a handful of contacts that fit what you are looking for. Have a pen and paper handy as it would be beneficial if the leads you find can answer these main questions: Are they licensed? Do they have insurance? Have they completed similar jobs? Do they have references you can contact? When will they be able to start the job? Will they provide you with a detailed contract? After calling all the contractors that spoke with you professionally and respectfully choose 4 to 6 contractors that answered all your questions, and have a date where you could have an in-person meeting and discuss the project further.

Meeting With Selected Home Renovations Contractors:

During the meeting, you will want to examine the Sussex County home renovations contractor’s interaction with you as well as their specific answers to your questions. Remember some contractors can be personable and friendly but bad at their work, do not sign anything until you are satisfied with the answers to your questions and you may walk out at anytime. During the meeting have a pen and paper and make sure you ask them these important questions: How long has their company been in business? What is their permanent business address? Are they licensed to work in your area? Are they insured? Will the project require permits? How many similar projects like yours have they completed this year? Can they provide you with a quote and any reasoning for price? What do their payment schedules look like? Are they willing to show you a project they are working on?


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