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Qualities of a Great Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Licensed and Insured Home Contractor

Imagine a room filled with luxury and peace.  Picking the floors, walls, shower, vanity, sink, lighting, and fixtures to transform a functional bathroom into a spa oasis.  A great remodeling contractor will have good references online and no outstanding disputes on the state consumer protection agency website. Finding the right contractor can seem intimidating but knowing the qualities to look for will simplify the process.

Communication is as much about speaking as it is about listening.  The contractor should openly discuss and provide a written contract that spells out payment schedule, timeline to completion, and warranty.  A great remodeling contractor will provide proof of licensure and insurance which will protect against accidents during the work.  The right contractor should coordinate the full breath of the job including flooring, plumbing, electrical, painting, and more.



Once the contractor is selected, design can begin.  Good design is built around a theme.  Usually, the shower walls are the largest feature in the room and make a good focal point for the design.  However, a piece of art can inspire the design.  Shower curtains, wall paint or floor tile design can inspire the theme.  Themes can be desert with pale mauve, light blue, and sandy beige.  An evening theme would include lavender, steel blue, and silver.  A sunrise theme of apricot, lemon yellow, and pale blue.  Whatever the theme, once it is picked selecting the other elements of design will be easier.



Decide what features will fill the bathroom.  Showers without tubs are popular due to the functionality and ease of use.  Separate showers and tubs are preferred in rooms large enough to accommodate both.  Steam showers, heated flooring, rainfall shower heads, bidets, and touchless sinks are increasing in popularity.  Storage is an important feature.  Having the linen closet in the bathroom is handy.  A vanity that can accommodate male and female toiletries separately would be expedient in the mornings. Pick a mirror with built in LED lighting that can be used for makeup, or an antifog element for shaving or both.  Mood lighting should be considered if putting in a soaking tub. Once the features are decided upon, picking specific products can be done.  A great contractor will walk you through the selection of features.



Product selection should be done with the remodeling contractor.   Look for eco-friendly, low VOC, or moisture resistant materials.  Visiting showrooms to see the products available will help shape the budget for the renovation.  With global supply chain shortages, waiting for specific products can be months.  A great contractor will streamline the process and may need to direct you to American Made products to ensure timely delivery.  Tempting as it may be to order from an online catalog for items shipped directly to your home, the products are useless if they do not fit in the space or cannot be used by the contractor.  Consult with your contractor about flooring, countertops, cabinets, bath fixtures, toilets, bidet, backsplashes, waterproofing, lighting, and specialty features.  Products must fit the floor plan, or the floor plan needs to be redesigned to accommodate all the features desired.



The next step your contractor should take is to plan coordination and obtain permits if the remodeling is structural.  If the remodel requires a complete tear-out, the other rooms need to be seal off from dust and noise.   The contractor should coordinate with the plumber to remove and replace the toilet, connect the bath, shower, and sink.  Anticipating obstacles like adding a subfloor, placing new wiring, or affixing lighting.  Barriers like the new tub not fitting through the front door should be foreseen by the contractor.  A coherent timeline like installing the shower before finishing the tile floor or caulking before painting the walls will come from a good contractor.



Any renovation begins with excitement but loses steam as time passes.  Waiting for flooring glue to dry or moisture barrier installed behind shower walls seems like an unnecessary delay.  Like paint drying, it takes time for a job to be correctly completed.  The durability of the work done requires drying periods before the progress can continue.  The best motivation is tempered by patience.


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