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Kitchen Remodeling in New Hampton: Stunning Cabinet Styles and Finishes

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Kitchen Remodeling in New Hampton

When it comes to kitchen remodeling in New Hampton, New York, deciding on the perfect cabinet style and finish may be one of the most important decisions you make. Cabinets are the room’s nucleus, as they set the stage for both the form and function of your kitchen space. At Alfieri Renovations, we recognize the significance of this decision and are excited to share our thoughts on the newest cabinet trends.

Timeless Shaker Style: The Enduring Appeal of Shaker Cabinets

A style that’s been around for a long time and isn’t going anywhere is shaker cabinets. The shakers were a simple yet elegant movement in a time of radical change. They popularized simplicity, not for superficial reasons but because any finely worked decoration was considered sinful vanity. The clean lines of these cabinets, with their flat panel center and recessed frame, remain immensely popular with homeowners looking for a classic, simple look. Shaker cabinets, with their simple lines and functional design, are unassuming and can work equally well in traditional, transitional, or modern settings. Whatever visions you have, from a warm farmhouse kitchen to a sleek, modern space, Shaker cabinets can be adapted to fit the look you envision.

Natural Wood Finishes: Embracing Nature’s Beauty

It is no wonder that for those looking to create a kitchen with a warm, cozy feel, natural wood finishes are the perfect choice. New Hampton’s scenic landscape inspires numerous interior design elements, with many of our clients opting to bring the outdoors in. Ranging from sumptuous cherry to warm maple, a variety of finishes can enhance the look of your kitchen cabinets. Natural wood cabinets provide a level of character and depth that painted options cannot simply compare with. In addition, they provide an eternal allure to your kitchen, which becomes more charming over time as a patina forms on the wood. Pair these cabinets with complementing hardware and countertops for a harmoniously nature-inspired look.

Crisp White Cabinets: The Epitome of Brightness and Elegance

Kitchen remodeling in New Hampton is certainly not rocket science! Do you want your kitchen to appear light and airy? Nothing works like white cabinets. They have that polished and clean look that seamlessly integrates with any kitchen style and can help a small condominium kitchen feel open and inviting. White cabinets continue to be a classic option, and their versatility allows you to mix styles with equally adaptive color or design elements (traditional, modern, minimalist—they all work). White cabinets also serve as a neutral background for adding color elsewhere, from backsplashes to fixtures.

Sleek and Modern Finishes: Being Contemporary and Chic

For those with an appreciation for twentieth-century design, you will find an array of contemporary-looking cabinet finishes on our kitchen remodels. High-gloss lacquered cabinets are sleek and abubdant in rich charcoal, navy, or emerald green colors. Or try a matte finish, such as concrete or laminate for a very minimalist industrial look. They are all low-maintenance and super durable, making them ideal for busy family kitchens.

Two-Toned Cabinets: A Harmonious Blend of Styles

Are you not able to decide between two different kitchen cabinet styles or finishes? Why not use them both? Two-tone has become the biggest cabinet trend in kitchen renovations; it is a fun way to add complex visual interest to your space while separating areas at the same time. Go light and dark with your kitchen cabinets. White upper cabinets with a rich, wooden base color are a great contrast that adds depth to your kitchen while still distinguishing between zones. You can also mix and match finishes—matte and glossy, for instance—for a more contemporary look. Call Alfieri Renovations now for kitchen remodeling in New Hampton!


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