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Home Addition Contractors in Goshen: Decrypting the Psychology of Space

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Home Addition Contractors in Goshen

Are you looking for home addition contractors in Goshen? At Alfieri Renovations, we know that there’s a line between making a home and making a house. We’ve also learned that adding a new space to your residence, like many of the home additions we’ve provided homeowners since inception, will impact the way you think, feel, and behave within your living space.

The Connection between Space and Mindset

It is a timeless concept that has long fascinated designers, architects, and psychologists. Without realizing it, we have become highly attuned to the relationship between physical places and our emotional and psychological wellbeing. By far the most significant place in our lives is our home.

Open Spaces, Open Minds

Solidity, spaciousness, and flexibility—well-designed living spaces can all create a feeling of openness and relief that promotes mental clarity and wellness. Think about how it feels to walk into a home with an open floor plan and high ceilings. The ridge and the view out the front door become anchor points, while the eye explores the empty space from one corner to the other, replacing thoughts or negative emotions that once anchored the self.

This can happen with rooms featuring multiple levels, vaulted ceilings, or even cascading steps. The lack of barriers helps us clear our minds, but high ceilings and open spaces in general also help by providing the freedom to breathe—almost literally, by encouraging us to free our minds by lifting our attention up and moving it around. Not only can open spaces promote focused attention, they also enhance creative thinking.

Bringing the outside in

Another important aspect of a psychological home is visualizing nature. Our home addition contractors in Goshen can do this through large windows, skylights, and the placement of greenery to blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors. This improves wellbeing by enhancing the beauty of spaces as well as strengthening our bond with nature and its associated restorative effects.

Tailoring Spaces to Individual Needs

Alfieri Renovations approaches each home addition project with a human touch. We recognize that no two families are the same. A traditional guest room may be great for some, but not for others. A butler pantry is an ideal addition if you entertain regularly, but it’s probably not a top priority if you don’t enjoy hosting.

Dedicated Spaces for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

For some homeowners, the creation of personal rest and wellness spaces can be life-changing. A private yoga studio, a reading nook, or a home spa, especially for those who live alone or when sharing a space with others, can become their sanctuary for decompressing, rejuvenating, and restoring the mind, body, and spirit.

Multi-Functional Areas for Family Bonding

The practicality of the multi-functional living areas helps carry families through difficult times, with open-concept kitchens and living spaces encouraging family activity and a play zone or game room making room for family time, including the healthy bonding that emerges out of shared experiences.

Balancing Privacy and Togetherness

Cohesion is key, yet equally important are privacy and personal space. When we design additions to homes, for instance, we factor in features such as private bedrooms, personal offices, and private outdoor sanctuaries that take clients’ needs into account with the aim of enhancing their well-being.

The Art of Harmonious Design

Our practice at Alfieri Renovations is built around the idea that careful design can improve one’s quality of life in ways that are much more profound than aesthetic ones. Human-centric design can shape the physical spaces around us to make them healthier, more beautiful, and more psychically sound places in which to live.

Through paying attention to attributes such as proportions, flow, and relationships, we alter an environment so that it acts upon us in ways that feel familiar and instinctive, lowering our stress level and heightening the overall state of wellbeing.

Embracing the Sustainable Design Paradigm

In recent years, this has been further emphasized by an increase in design practices based on sustainability, where natural elements are integrated within the built environment and design methods to help minimize man-made impacts on the environment. We believe that besides reducing the ecological footprint, there is also a symbiotic relationship where both physical and mental wellbeing are improved through an association with nature.

Alfieri Renovations is dedicated to continuing its research and development in ever-safer ways so that homes can be extended and renovated as people move into a more bio-centric future. Call us now to schedule a consultation with home addition contractors in Goshen!


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