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Deck Contractors in Chester: Pushing the Boundaries for the Differently Abled

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Deck Contractors in Chester

At Alfieri Renovations, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the great outdoors from their very own home base. As one of the most preferred and trusted deck contractors in Chester, Orange County, New York, we have seen how thoughtful deck building design can change differently-abled people’s lifestyles for the better.


In days gone by, accessibility meant ramps and wide access pathways, but present-day deck contractors like us are now taking it way further to develop outdoor built environments that are both accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Smart Technology Integration

Among the latest trends are smart technology-connected decks—automated awnings, voice-activated lighting, temperature controls, smartphone-controlled directions, and much more. At Alfieri Renovations, we can even install sensors that detect the presence of wheelchair users and lower the height of rails or swinging gates to ensure that a person has clearance.

Innovative Materials for Safety and Comfort

Material selection is critical for any deck to ensure optimal accessibility. A non-slip surface is an obvious one, but we are not talking about the standard raised-dot surfaces. Composite materials offer better traction and less texture than plain, non-slip surfaces and feel better on joints.


Multi-Level Decks with Gentle Transitions

Where once a deck was either a single-level affair or a wildlife-friendly level transition adjacent to a children’s coop or a breezeway between a pool house and an outdoor shower, the new wave of deck plans has become multi-tiered—a set of levels that introduce a subtle elevation change and views through gentle sloped ramps and walkways rather than via sets of stairs that compromise access and create lighting issues. These deck configurations, which integrate perimeter plantings or built-in planters and seating areas, have transformed deck design from functional ornaments to an integrated component of the landscape.

Adaptive Railings and Barriers

Standard railings on platforms are a problem for people with mobility impairments who want to spend time on the deck. And they make it easy to bump into things or, if seated, to mow a path through them. However, railings that are adjustable in height (for someone in a wheelchair who needs a helping hand to get on and off the deck) and railings that have no vertical barrier at all (so that seated people can enjoy an unobstructed view) are a potential solution for accessibility. And how about those railings that have drink holders built into them?

Personalization is Crucial

Being top deck contractors in Chester, we know that no two client’s requirements may ever be the very same, and that is why we treat every job with equal importance.

Customized Features for Specific Concerns

Tactile markers for the visually impaired, wider turning radii for powered wheelchairs, and sensory-friendly zones for neurodivergent individuals are a few design alterations that we have done for some of our clients. We can likewise tailor the deck to other specifications as per your request.

Incorporating Therapy and Exercise

As leading deck contractors in Chester, we have developed decks that also function as outdoor therapeutic spaces. A textured path for gait training, parallel bars disguised as decorative rails, or a small pool for aquatic therapy—all elegantly incorporated into your beloved deck. Call Alfieri Renovations now to schedule a consultation at your convenience!


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